DELTA Future Faculty Institute

DELTA Future Faculty Institute

The DELTA Future Faculty Institute is a foundational, instructor-led, online program to prepare current graduate-level students and individuals in industry for a successful launch of their career as a new engineering faculty member. By the end of this program, participants will have the tools and knowledge to positively launch their faculty careers. Scroll for dates and details.

Type: Instructor-Led Course

Delivery Method: Live Online

Participant Limit: 30 Participants

Level: Foundational

Duration: 4 hours

Dates & Times

The dates for this program have passed. 


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Program Overview

The DELTA Future Faculty Institute is a foundational, instructor-led, online program to prepare current graduate-level students and individuals in industry who are considering a career as an engineering faculty member for a successful launch of their career.

Throughout the program, future engineering faculty members will learn about preparing for and navigating the faculty application process.  By the end of this program, participants will have the tools and knowledge to positively launch their faculty careers.

This program takes place in two (2) two-hour- long sessions. Throughout the program, there will be numerous opportunities to interact with the facilitator and other participants, with ample time provided for questions, discussion, and reflection.

How You Will Benefit

• You will receive clarifying information on types of engineering faculty positions.
• You will learn tools and techniques to help you successfully navigate the faculty application process.
• You will engage with a network of professionals for input, guidance and feedback.

About the DELTA (∆) Institutes

The DELTA (∆) Institutes are designed to develop engineering and engineering technology faculty and administrators as change agents for 1) the ongoing transformation of higher education and 2) the transformation in engineering education, research, and community engagement necessary to address the NAE Grand Challenges and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Through the inclusion of leading-edge knowledge and best practices in professional development for faculty and administrators, the DELTA (∆) Institutes will improve efficiency and effectiveness for each participant and thus also do so broadly across the universities they serve.

Graduates of the DELTA Future Faculty Institute will be able to:

  1. Categorize types of faculty positions
  2. Categorize different types of institutions of higher education
  3. Prepare documentation materials and prioritize current activities
  4. Prepare for the application, interview and start-up process
  5. Practice an interview experience with a network of peer colleagues
Session I: Categorizing Engineering Faculty Positions (LO 1,2,3)

• Introductions – descriptions of graduate-level students and degree completion status
• Categorizing institutions
• Categorizing types of faculty positions
• Tenure-track Basics: Teaching, Research and Service
• Unique requirements of institutions related to tenure-track, non-tenure-track, and administrative positions
• Alternative paths before transitioning to academia
• Preparing documentation materials and prioritizing current activities to achieve individual goals

Session II: Preparing for the Application Process & Getting Started (LO 4)

• Applying for a Faculty position
• Preparing application materials including CV, teaching and research statement
• Negotiating salary, benefits and start-up packages
• Contrasting a faculty position with an industrial position
• Dual career considerations
• Online faculty positions
• Types of interview questions to expect
• Employment start-up and negotiation (i.e., teaching expectations; research funding, publishing, and scholarship; balancing service expectations)
• Role play an interview experience with fellow participants

The DELTA Future Faculty Institute is designed for current graduate-level students, doctoral students, postdocs, individuals in industry who are considering launching a career as an engineering faculty member at a two-year or four-year institution.

Terri Lynch-Caris, Ph.D., P.E., is founder and CEO of Workplace TLC, L.L.C., with a mission to improve the workplace. She has earned multiple awards for teaching, publishes scholarly works and provides service to communities where she lives and works. She is a retired Professor of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering (IME) and former Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Michigan, holds an MS Degree from Purdue University and a BS from Kettering University, formerly GMI-Engineering & Management Institute. She teaches courses in Lean Work Design, Ergonomics, Statistics and other Industrial Engineering topics.

Requirements and Resources

Pre-Work: Participants will provide information on the current status of completing their graduate degree. This will allow participants to discuss and contrast similarities and differences along their path to earning a faculty position.

Inter-session Work: During sessions, participants will take part in breakout group activities that will allow clarification on the faculty application process. Participants will be asked to gather materials that will become part of their CV to prepare for an interview.

Supplemental Resources: Participants will be provided a comprehensive participant guide that includes materials referenced during the live sessions, as well as additional resources to promote your continued learning and success.

Attendance and Materials

Attendance: Full participation in this program will maximize interaction and engagement among facilitators and attendees. As an active learner, you are expected to attend and participate in live sessions. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion via email. Professional development hours (PDH) will be provided upon request.

Materials: All materials will be shared with you throughout the program. You will have access to presentation slides, session recordings, and supplemental resources.

Cancellation Policy

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